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Five trends that will impact smartphone design in 2024

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There are definitely changes in smartphone design and looking at this year’s trends, we find that these trends could influence smartphone design.

Under screen tweaks. 

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In display fingerprint sensors and selfie cameras will become more popular. These appear to be gaining popularity, while a bezel-less display screen appears to be the preferred design by many smartphone manufacturers.

The foldable phone returns

Shutting a phone appears to be making a comeback. Foldable phones are here and appear to be on the evolving trajectory. Manufacturers appear to be focussing on enhancing hinge mechanics and display material for better durability.

This will mean more competitive price points making foldables more accessible to consumers.

Recycled material

Recycled materials and eco friendly designs spearheaded by environmental concerns are driving a trend towards using recycled materials in phone construction. We are likely going to see more manufacturers reduce waste while adopting eco friendly design steps forward.

AI addition

We are seeing it and it appears the addition of advanced computational photography and AI powerd features to make smartphones more intuitive will likely be the go to strategy for most manufacturers.

This will mean more powerful camera systems with advanced features like improved low-light performance, multi-frame image processing for superior detail, and AI-powered object recognition for optimized settings.

Integration with AR/VR Technologies

As AR/VR continues to develop, phone designs may integrate features like improved display resolutions, faster processors, and compatibility with AR/VR headsets or glasses. This could enable seamless transitions between the physical and virtual worlds.

A greater focus on user health and wellness.

Features promoting digital well-being might become more prominent, including options for setting screen time limits, blue light filters, and posture reminders to encourage healthy phone use.

These trends highlight the continuous evolution of cellphone design, prioritizing functionality, user experience, and environmental responsibility.

This year, we can expect these trends to shape the future designs of most smartphones.

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