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Slack founder backs Amplifier Security with $3.3m for Ampy AI

Amplifier Security founders Shreyas Sadalgi and Thomas Donnelly.

AI continues to revolutionize cybersecurity by focusing on the weakest link, user behavior and other major breaches triggered by simple user error.

This has seen the arrival of Ampy, an AI security copilot that helps employees interact with corporate security tools to enhance security without affecting productivity.

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Ampy functions similarly to a credit card company verifying suspicious transactions with you.

It engages with employees, guiding them through security protocols based on real-time insights.

The mission is to make a notable impact to shift cybersecurity to focus back on technology and the people who use it.

How do you get employees to do the right thing and not mess up cybersecurity?

That’s an attainable objective if the goal is to build a reliable security copilot for employees which shapes all thanks to stealth seed funding to the value of $3.3 million from the co-founder of Slack.

This makes research and the mission a lot more attainable, all thanks to support in the form of seed funding.

With $3.3m funding round, Amplifier tackles a security challenge with a self-healing approach that transforms how employees interact with corporate security tools, enhancing security without hindering productivity.

Amplifier Security introduces the industry’s first AI-powered human-in-the-loop automation and security copilot that connects the dots between an organization’s existing security stack and its people.

The pre-seed funding round was led by Cota Capital with participation from WestWave Capital and Shift Left Ventures and included angel investments from industry luminaries and founders of Slack, MobileIron, Centrify, PeopleNet, Skyflow, and Mercury.

This is a tool to close the loop with the end user to determine false positives before taking disruptive actions.

Amplifier provides an engagement layer between existing security tools and the workforce through Ampy – a trusted copilot that acts as an AI security buddy that helps employees understand the risk they are creating for the organization and solves their security issues while balancing their productivity.

This approach not only speeds up response times but also significantly boosts an organization’s security posture by involving employees directly in the security process.

“There is a massive gap in the market that is preventing security practitioners from being successful. Most security tools aren’t built to engage users, as they’re always meant to work in the background according to Shreyas Sadalgi, CEO and co-founder at Amplifier Security.

“Amplifier flips the script by engaging employees on behalf of all security tools in a more human-friendly way, where every end-user interaction is a two-way conversation with the right tonality, context, empathy, and actionable information based on the security finding and the user role. Our mission with Amplifier is to shift the cybersecurity focus to include both technology and the people who use it, creating a balanced and more secure environment for businesses.”

Cal Henderson, co-founder of Slack added: “The way we operated our corporate security engineering program closely aligns with the design principles at the core of Amplifier Security’s vision. I’m a firm believer that engaging the workforce for security automation with a productivity platform like Slack is the only modern way to solve today’s dynamic cybersecurity threat landscape.”

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