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TCL introduces latest QD-Mini LED TV and home appliances in Istanbul

TCL has unveiled its latest lineup of products spanning various categories tailored for the Middle East and Africa market at an exclusive launch event in Istanbul Turkey.

TCL highlighted its robust partnership with Arsenal Football Club as the official regional consumer electronics partner.

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The latest product lineup from TCL’s product line features a 2024 QD-Mini LED TV as well as an array of upgraded domestic appliances and air conditioners designed to enhance lifestyles with improved health and convenience.

General Manager of TCL Middle East Sunny Yang said the group was excited to introduce TCL’s latest generation of QD-Mini LED TVs. They were looking forward to showcasing the TCL 115″ X955 Max which as the worlds largest QD-Mini LED TV.

“Our objective is to cater to the evolving needs of our consumers by delivering the latest cutting-edge technology and providing a premium and exceptional entertainment experience in the Middle East and African markets. Additionally, we are eager to unveil our newest home appliance offerings, designed to simplify daily life. These include the TCL FreshIN Series Air Conditioners, Free Built-in Series Refrigerators, and state-of-the-art washing machines boasting an industry-leading cleaning ratio,” she said.

The World’s largest, TCL 115” X955 Max QD-Mini LED TV

The launch featured the 115″ X955 Max QD-Mini LED TV, which is the world’s largest and provides viewers with a cinematic experience right in their living rooms.

With a peak brightness of 5,000 nits and over 20,000+ local dimming zones, the TV offers precise lighting and impressive contrast, ensuring crisper and sharper visuals even on such a large scale. Equipped with QLED PRO, a 144 Hz VRR, and an ONKYO 6.2.2 Hi-Fi system, the TV delivers competent image quality and pulse-pounding audio with an ultra-slim design.

The C855 Premium QD-Mini LED TV

The TCL C855 features dynamic HDR performance peaking at 3500 nits which deliver convincing whites and striking dark colors.

The C855 features vivid, true-to-life colours through QLED PRO technology, while the Low Reflection feature guarantees virtually glare-free viewing. Audio lovers will marvel as a result of the ONKYO 2.2.2 Hi-Fi audio system, ensuring premium home theatre sound quality directly from your TV.

This is enhanced by the AiPQ PRO Processor and a 144Hz high refresh rate with VRR, this model guarantees smooth, crisp visuals for both cinematic experiences and gaming adventures.

Prepare for an unparalleled audio-visual journey with the TCL C855.

Available in various sizes of 50”/65″/75″/ 85″ and 98”

The TCL C755 QD-Mini LED TV

The TCL C755 QD-Mini LED TV is equipped with the top-of-the-line 1344-zone QD-Mini LED technology, ensuring stunning HDR performance with peak brightness levels reaching 1600 nits. It’s equipped with the integrated ONKYO 2.1 Hi-Fi sound system, and paired with the AiPQ Processor which promises exceptionally smooth and clear imagery, elevating your viewing experience.

The VRR 144Hz technology ensures a genuinely high refresh rate, guaranteeing seamless motion and immersive entertainment.

Available in a range of sizes from 55”/65″/75″/ 85″ and 98″

The TCL C655 PRO

The TCL C655 PRO comes with interesting Quantum Dot technology and delivers clear convincing visuals.

It features QLED PRO a picture quality elevator bringing in vibrant colours.

QLED PRO employs an upgraded version of the Quantum Crystal Quaternary PRO, surpassing conventional binary quantum dot materials. Paired with the top-of-the-line ONKYO 2.1 Hi-Fi sound system, this C655 Pro promises to bring the cinema to your home.

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