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simTD creates intelligent cars, removes human error

The Germans have struck again. With all their calculating efficiency and cold thinking, they are set to remove human error from driving.

The Safe Intelligent Mobility — Testfield Germany (simTD) is a four year test in which intelligent communication systems are assessed for implementation for improved road safety. The team behind it believes that the best way to have a safer road is to eliminate the human element that causes all the accidents by putting in systems that react to the situations on the road.

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Most of the German car manufacturers are involved including Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and Opel, with Bosch, Continental, Deutsche Telekom and Ford also participating.

There initiative will involve 120 cars testing new technologies such as electronic brake lights to relay information to the vehicle behind in case an emergency situation occurs. Public traffic information will provide exact traffic information to maintain a smoother and less congested traffic situation. Obstacle warning system will warn other of an object in the road and traffic sign assistant will be connected to traffic management centers to continuously update the conditions of traffic or road conditions, such as diversions or speed limits.

It seems like this could work, especially given the fact that there is still a driver involved. Self-driven vehicles — while sound fancy and futuristic — are not an option at the moment. Cities would have to be re-evaluated significantly to allow for them. For simTD, though, it could be implemented immediately depending on the results of the tests.

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