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Subaru unveils Viziv 2 crossover concept and it’s pretty darn handsome

Subaru Viziv

It’s pretty easy to get the transition between a concept and production car horribly wrong, but with the latest version of it Viziv concept, Subaru seems to be taking some serious strides in the right direction.

The Japanese car maker unveiled the latest Viziv at the Geneva Motor Show and if, as Subaru’s press bumpf seems to suggest, this is the direction Subaru intends taking in the future, then we’ve got to say we’re pretty impressed.

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The plug-in hybrid includes one front motor and two rear motors as Independent-rear-motor-driven symmetrical AWD” system, which it claims will provide fine-tuned control of the four wheels to match the travel environment and road surface conditions.

On the tech front, Subaru’s put an auto-pilot system on the Viziv (something which we probably won’t see on whatever the first production car based on the Viziv actually is). What we probably can expect though is that a lot of the consumer-facing tech will appear in the Viziv, although perhaps not in the same lurid colours.

Another feature we’re unlikely to see in a production version of the Viziv is the butterfly doors. Unless Subaru finds a way to drastically bring down the cost and practicality of that kind of door, it’s simply not the income bracket Subaru buyers play in.

Overall though, the Viziv 2 looks to be a pretty damn promising crossover concept and anything with the kind of lines it has seems likely to sell well.

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