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Toytastic: Lego Batman Tumbler, Hot Wheels Darth Vader ‘vette are totally awesome

Vader Vette1

So, you think youâ€re the worldâ€s biggest Star Wars fan? Well, you ainâ€t got this piece of awesome. If youâ€re lucky youâ€ll be able to buy a scale version of it from Hot Wheels from their new Star Wars collection, which goes on sale later this year, but not this one. Itâ€s life size!

Wheeled out (not sorry) just in time (literally, it was built in seven weeks by PCW Brands) for Comic-Con 2014 which opens tomorrow in San Diego, USA.

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The guys at Car And Driver have revealed a few exclusive details via a phone interview with creators and Darth Vaders ride isnâ€t just a ‘park it at the curb†still life. It goes, and fast.

For starters itâ€s based on a C5 Corvette, with a primarily fibre glass body with smatterings of carbon fibre, Darth would approve, and is said to weigh 50 percent less than the donor ‘Vette. Itâ€s been road tested up to 130km/hour, however Bill Hammon, CEO of PCW Brands reckons itâ€s capable of hitting 240km/hour…maybe, courtesy of a newer LS3 V8 making 386kW! Surely more than TIE Fighter?

Darth obviously has a penchant for going sideways because his ride here has a hand operated ‘drift brake†which works on the rear axle for you know…being evil, whilst going sideways on four wheels.
Custom wheels are milled by U.S. Mags and features bespoke rubber supposedly to deliver on the iconic Hot Wheels aesthetic.

left right

Lego Batmobile

Vader Vette1

Vader Vette1

Vader Vette2

Vader Vette3

Vader Vette4

Vader Vette5

Vader Vette6

Vader Vette7

Vader Vette8

Of course it has to have sound effects, apart from that V8 lump, and itâ€ll deliver its owners signature breathing style remotely via iPad of course.

To top it off the passenger compartment opens like Darth Vader’s helmet with requisite smokey effects as well. Crikey, one wonders what the interior looks like!?

If youâ€re a LEGO hoarder meanwhile, then you’d best save this date 1 September 2014 because LEGO, in all its wonderful awesomeness, is releasing a 1869 piece Batman Tumbler.

And, just in time as new Batmobile is set to be released upon the evil of Gotham in the up and coming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie epic.

And what a tribute it is. If 1869 pieces doesnâ€t set you into lounge floor building overload, the LEGO Tumbler features the companies†trademark attention to detail featuring an armoured exterior, adjustable bodywork winglets (just like the real Tumbler), ridiculously detailed interior and huge rubber-tread racing tires. Need!

Truly impressive is LEGO Tumblers size, measuring over 15cm high, 40cm long and 24cm wide this is surely THE ultimate LEGO kit. Want!

Batman and Joker minifigs are included, as is a plaque with a fact sheet detailing the actual Tumbler used in the The Dark Knight Trilogy. Must have!

Yours for $199

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