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Amphibious Volvo 240 takes on a lake and wins spectacularly [video]

We’ve seen the chaps on Top Gear try their hand at making amphibious vehicles, with hilarious and truly remarkable results. But the cars weren’t exactly good on the road, nor on the water. Enter Theon Parseghian’s world of waterbourne wonder. The New York native has turned a Volvo 240 estate into a boat with some imagination and serious know-how.

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Oh, and it works. Flawlessly.

Unlike Clarkson’s Toyboata (which worked rather well, while it did work), Parseghian’s “Evolvo” has an engine mounted where the rear seats should be, which in turn powers a propellar below the craft. It’s also completely watertight. And just for giggles — presumably doubling the coolness factor — he removed the roof turning the wagon into the first Volvo 240 cabriolet-cum-yacht.

The 240, it should be said, is not be the most majestic vehicle on the road, it sure looks impressive wading across a lake like a duck, without a care in the world. Have a look at the masterpiece in pictures, and what surely is one of the most impressive feats of DIY in motordom.

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