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Volvo’s XC90 is one extremely tough car to destroy [video]

We all know that modern cars are safe, and have to be safe, thanks to the strenuous crash and safety tests conducted prior to production. Volvo has kindly uploaded a video of its XC90 being destroyed, to highlight the latest advancements in safety technology.

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And safety features there are aplenty. In addition to the technology present in the car itself, there is a massively strong frame surrounding the occupants in the event of a crash. The so-called Scalable Product Architecture is lighter and stronger than the older car, but it doesn’t mean its worse — not by any means. It stands up to head-on, side-on and roll-over tests admirably, with the unsuspecting crash-test dummies walking away with minimal injuries.

Of course, this vehicle is another step towards Volvo’s 2020 plan — the company hopes that no one will be in a serious injury or worst, death. Hopefully by then, technology shall vastly reduce the dangers inherent in using the motorways of the world.

For now though, have a look at the incredible XC90 crash tests below.

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