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McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and Ducati 1199 Superleggera fight for quarter mile supremacy [video]

I’m sure we all have that perfect drag race laid out in our heads. My favourite involves an LMP1 car, a Formula 1 car and a MotoGP machine, but the chaps over at Autocar were a little more realistic. They roped in the world’s current hypercar extraordinaires — the Porsche‘s 918 hybrid, McLaren‘s P1 hybrid and Ducati‘s ultra-exclusive 1199 Superleggera superbike against the quarter-mile clock.

The publication allegedly reached out to Ferrari to include its LaFerrari in the race, but the Italian marque declined to provide a car.

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It does however, sound like a foregone conclusion right? I mean, the McLaren produces more power than the Porsche and the Ducati (nearly combined, in fact), but power isn’t everything.

The Ducati sports a ridiculous 1300-horsepower per ton power to weight ratio. The Porsche on the other hand, boasts a four-wheel drive system, which means it should get better traction off the line. The fact that the two cars are also assisted by electric motors means that the power can continue well after the petrol motor loses puff, something the Ducati does without.

But what really happened? Well, we’d hate to spoil the surprise.

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