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Could a future Apple car be based on the BMW i3?

No matter how persistent Apple is in its claims that it has no plans to build a car, the rumours just won’t go away. This one though is a little more specific than most and states that the rumoured car will share a platform with the BMW i3.

According to German publication Manager Magazin, the two have negotiated a far-reaching cooperation which includes the use of the i3 platform.

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BMW has long been associated with the Apple Car, although the Bavarian automaker has always quashed any speculation that it was working on an Apple-branded car. Instead, it’s generally stuck with the line that the two companies were only collaborating on software for infotainment systems.

Evidently, there are more than a few people who believe there’s more to it than that.

According to multiple sources, Apple CEO Tim Cook and other senior managers from the Cupertino-based giant were recently in Germany to check out the i3 production line.

Manager Magazin meanwhile reports that Apple is especially interested in the Carbon-Fibre construction of the i3, indicating that if the tech giant does produce a car, it will most likely be entirely electric.

It’s also note entirely clear why Apple would have brought in the number of automotive experts it has over the past few months if it weren’t working on something big. According to some reports, the company has made hundreds of hires in the area.

Of course, there are some that would prefer Apple associate itself with a different car company entirely. Earlier this year a number of shareholders asked whether the company should consider buying Tesla.

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