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Watch this wirelessly charged RC car have a blast with its Formula E cousin

You may have heard that Qualcomm eventually hopes to have wireless charging pads as part of the highly competitive Formula E series. That’s a way off from being a reality, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t having a little fun figuring out the technology along the way.

Just take a look at the video below for example. The clip shows a wirelessly charging remote control car, invented by the chip maker tearing up a race track with a Formula E car driven by Lucas di Grassi.

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This tech is important, not just for the future of Formula E, which currently relies on plugging its cars into generators and having its drivers swap out between cars during pit stops, but also for the future of the electric car as a whole.

Imagine being able to park somewhere and have your car charge wirelessly, or drive over a section of road that wirelessly charges electric cars. Suddenly the big worry for electric cars — running out of juice — becomes much less of a problem.

For now, just enjoy the sheer awesomeness of two very different sized cars tearing it up.

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