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This brilliant stop motion ad narrates the history of Honda with paper

In a CGI-obsessed world, an advert made entirely from paper seems pretty novel, futuristic even.

Such is the case is the latest ad from Honda. The ad, which is made entirely from paper manipulated by hands, was first designed in CGI but it was made practically with real people and paper.

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The ad is two minutes long and chronicles six decades of Honda innovation. This is done by tracing an engine that moves from one Honda product into another over the six decades.

It took four months, dozens of animators and illustrators, thousands of original drawings and Pes, the award winning stop motion director, to pull it off. Pes also directed the 2013 short film Fresh Guacamole which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

It was shot on a table where these papers and the different scenes of the ad were laid out. The paper was then manipulated by hands to bring the scenes to life.

Watching it, one is astounded by how it was pulled off, and the challenges involved in making it. Some of the paper movements are simple enough but some are mind boggling.

Tom Peyton, Assistant VP Honda advertising, says that the ad is relevant to the process at Honda where everything still to this day begins on paper.

Peyton goes on to say that the ad is not about paper flipping but about paper engineering.

Click here to watch how the advert was made.

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