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  • Before read your post i was completely unaware about these coolest hidden of google, your post is very helpful and full of knowledge for us.

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  • Angelic_princess

    i love both your posts but can u plz tell me how to make it snow nd can u also post bout some science reserch on rocks ( ihave a prokect) :P

  • Erieh Yamazaki

    to be honest, I already found out about the snake on youtube thing months ago… I was really frustrated that the internet connection was so slow, so I slammed my fingers on my keyboard, and accidentally, that icon thingy that indicated that the video is buffering started to move

  • guest

    search “let it snow” on google i dont know if you need to do im feeling luck or noe bu u can try both ways:)

  • geekygirl


  • PLZ

    i cant get snake to work at all, does it still work or has it possibly been disabled?
    when i pressed left key it rewinds my video

  • pokjv’pofd

    dont forget poogle and darkarts google. and googleloco and lol limewire and rainboa!

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  • ajan333

    it still works, but if you click OUTSIDE the video it doesnt so, you have to click the video then click it again. now press the arrow keys to play !

  • harrypotternerdling:)

    At first I was amazed that she knew all these Google tricks. But then, I realized her last name was ‘Granger’, so she is obviously related to Hermione and, therefore, must be some kind of super-genius. Duh!

  • harrypotternerdling:)

    Hermione Granger, the extremely smart witch form Harry Potter, for all those people who have no idea what I’m talking about.

  • name

    you have to press all the keys at once and it takes a couple of trys to get it working

  • Tankhunter

    maybe you weren’t speaking Parseltongue.

  • Hermione Granger

    Hey, person below me. ARE YOU CALLING ME A NERD?!

  • colin


  • disqus_riLxjt7mp9

    press down

  • azndyke

    i wish. i would so ask her out.

  • shelby

    Type “where is chuck norris” and hover over the predicted text and to the right hit “i’m feeling lucky”..

  • Nicolas Dubreuil

    press up or down not the sides

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  • maria

    if yu search the word ’tilt’ then it will tilt your screen

  • boo

    google got rid of qingming :( i never got to see it…

  • cool

    try zerg rush

  • cool
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  • why

    thank you captain obvious

  • go to googlemaps and ask for direction from “the shire” to “mordor” – and select to walk there….now look at the first row :))

  • Trolrus

    on the nexus you see jelly beans floating over your wall paper

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  • These are fun but half of them don’t work.

  • stomper67

    on the samsung galaxy3 for the firmare it showes a jellybean with antennas kinda cute…

  • Ashu

    you’ve got to pause the video

  • harry potter

    i see these harry potter jokes i think i’m with my people now

  • harry potter

    you just press down after clicking it fyi i would click it twice then it will be fullscreen and it wont be paused

  • Buddhist

    its spelled Grainger

  • Luc Granger

    Think I’m a distant relative.. Granger huh? Cool last name for sheez

  • grammarnazi

    no its not

  • pranav

    How you know this……….

  • myName

    you forgot the one about the answer to life the universe and everything being 42

    (search it on google)

  • Erik Henderson

    floating jellybeans (complete with occasional antennae) will not work with live wallpaper on. works fine with it off in 4.2

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  • LaLaLoopsy

    it isn’t, smart pants *rolls eyes*

  • Smart Gurl :D

    Also, search up “the answer to life, the universe, and everything” :D

  • HermioneLover

    Hermione Granger is the hottest chick in the world. lol

  • HermioneLover

    I’m with you bro

  • HermioneLover


  • #8 didn’t do anything :( my page still just has a large white space. did Google take it away like they did when you search maps for directions from The Shire to Mordor in walking distance?

  • Damien Foster

    Shire to Mordor still works

  • Akira Long

    I tried this and it didnt work. i probably did something wrong. :(

  • Akira Long


  • Akira Long

    You should also try ”askew”.

  • bob

    zerg rush!

  • Alex Davis

    Grammar Nazi my ass. “No it’s not.”*

  • ObsessedwithStarkid

    She still can’t draw

  • Epic Awesome Reader

    hey so bad thing kindle fire users dont get to see this cool stuff and by the way another cool trick type in Percy Jackson and the Olipians and Heros of Olipuss I DONT KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT OK IM TIRED but yeah cool trick i also like harry potter =)

  • Vermiscious Knids

    No, it’s not.

  • Elise Gonzalez

    Obviously, you need a brain-ger because she spelled it right.
    If you considered yourself a Potter-head, you might wanna re-think that.

  • countrany

    Lol wow, its not THAT big of a deal guys.

  • Why don’t the Google ‘askew’ trick work for me?

  • mooo

    Hikaru no go is awesome!!!!! (so is harry potter but please be wuiet about him

  • mooo

    You have to use im feeling lucky

  • Potatoes WILL RULE!

    Potatoes are the mastermind behind these tricks. Simple.