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BlackBerry finally rolling out BBM for Android and iOS today

Guess what BBM fans? After many toils it seems BlackBerry is ready to roll out its messenger service for Android and iOS.

“This is the news you’ve been waiting for! I am thrilled to tell you that we are about to officially resume our rollout of BBM for Android and iPhone customers around the globe,” posted BBM head Andrew Bocking on BlackBerry’s official blog.

Last month the mobile manufacturer halted its scheduled rollout of BBM for Android and iOS due to a leaked version that apparently caused havoc with its service. The delay could not have come at a worse time for the mobile phone maker, which is in sales talks with one of its major shareholders.

Despite the rough rollout, BlackBerry still has high hopes for cross-platform BBM adoption. “The demand for BBM on Android and BBM on iPhone continues to be amazing,” says Bocking. He adds that six million people have signed up for information about BBM at BBM.com and that “more than one million people have found creative ways to ‘side load’ BBM on their iPhone.” That’s in addition to the one million users who were using the unreleased version of BBM for Android.

BBM for iPhone

BBM rollout details:

“In the next few hours, people will start seeing BBM in Google Play, the App Store and in select Samsung App Stores – where it will be free to download,” says Bocking.

Apparently, if you’re in Africa and own an iPhone or a non-Samsung Android, you’ll only be able to download the app in three days’ time.

The easiest way to get the app is to visit BBM.com from your Android or iPhone browser, says Blackberry. You’ll have to wait in line for access however. Once you install the app, open it, you have to enter your email address to hold your spot in line. BlackBerry promises to “email you as soon as you reach the front of the line and can start using BBM.”

People who signed up on BlackBerry’s BBM page can start using the messenger right now, while those who didn’t will have to wait just a tad longer while the company moves its millions of registered users. So get ready BBM fans, it looks like in a couple of hours you will be enjoying BBM on your Android and iPhone — we think.

Author | Mich Atagana

Mich Atagana
Mich started out life wanting to be a theoretical physicist but soon realized that mathematics was required. So, she promptly let go of that dream. She then decided that law might be the best place for her talents, but with too many litigation classes missed in favour of feminist... More