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Joe Botha

Joe Botha Joe is a serial entrepreneur, a (super)dad and a photographer, currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. He co-founded and sold his shares in three technology businesses by age 33. He likes walks around Lions Head , swimming, running, Debian, Cape Town in the summertime, tea, Chardonnay, Dvorak (the keyboard layout) and design. Maybe not in that exact order. Also, fast convertible cars on winding coastal roads, the beach at sunset, food, fun and friends. He's been known to be a bit fanatical about a few topics and he seems to enjoy analysing the obvious. Some people say he's an impatient idealist. He figures his job is to convince people of the truth. His philosophy of life goes something like this.. wealth is a side effect of passion. His role models are: Elon Musk, Matt Mullenweg and Han Solo.


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