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  • BlackBerry sold, Google’s birthday and Youtube kills trolls: #StuffToKnow this week

    The once ubiquitous smartphone BlackBerry has fallen into the abyss and sold out. Google is celebrating its 15th birthday in hobbit style by giving us a ton of presents in the way of updates. A fish is making some scientist as giddy as a school girl and in weird news, Batman's sidekick gets his own show (no, it’s not Robin or even Alfred). TECH Struggling BlackBerry agrees to be sold for $4.7-billion So BlackBerry finally succumbed to what we have been predicting for quite some time now -- they are being sold to an investment group for a little shy of...

  • 14 useful apps for Mac

    With so many many amazing apps for Mac, everyone is sure to have a favourite or two. I decided to list a few stemming from my own meandering experiences. Some of them might be familiar to you too, but on the off chance that they are not, I felt compelled to share them. If you have other favourites you simply cannot live without please feel free to share them in the comments. Sparrow - http://www.sparrowmailapp.com Minimalist and beautiful, with special attention paid to Gmail integration, it’s one of the best ways to experience Gmail natively on your Mac. Twitter for Mac -...