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Samuel L Jackson, Zooey Deschanel star in new Siri spots [Video]

Apple’s not exactly renowned for using celebrity endorsements in its adverts (unless you count Santa’s Siri spot). Seems like that’s changing with Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschenel making appearances in the latest video spots for Siri.

Jackon’s spot features him in sensitive date mode, rather than the badass action star we’ve all come to know so well:

Deschanel’s spot meanwhile features her in archetypal, ridiculously cute mode, ordering soup on a rainy day:

Personally we would have preferred to see Jackson saving the world with Siri. Seriously, if you have enough money for a Hollywood A-lister, you have enough money for some crazy stunts right? At least Deschanel speaks more clearly in the ad than she does in any of her movies.

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