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3 things you need to remember about creating great digital content for your target audience

SEO is getting more hardcore and complex with every Google algorithm update. It’s understandable because Google always wants to provide the best user experience to their users and by this they are filtering out all the content with lower relevance to the search query. What makes content relevant? Google has always been saying that quality unique content is key, but the problem is what is quality content.

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One issue with unique and quality content is that it takes more work, research and investment to make sure you are getting the best results online. This might be a big stumble block to many businesses because you actually need to invest quite a lot to get this right and on going.

Even though quality content is needed to be successful in the SEO space, it also supplements your social media marketing strategy and basically all of your marketing campaigns. By creating engaging, sharable magnetic content and constantly engaging via social media it can definitely put you ahead of the curve with what you want to achieve. How do you make sure you are investing in the correct content that will yield significant positive results? Here’s a couple of tips with content marketing.

Don’t just create content for the sake of it
Quality content should always be created on the needs of your clients, what they want to read and share with their social circles. Don’t just publish content on your website and social media profiles regarding updates about your business. These won’t be read often and get out of the corporate content culture to only speak about your self.

Focus on the needs of your target audience and always provide value to them. Why will they need your services or products? Inform your readers about industry related news, updates and trends. Write positive stories that will inspire your readers.

Tell a story with your content
Great content all have one thing in common. They tell a story. Shy away from corporate content where it explains hardcore facts and rather focus on getting the human element out of it. Your business affects the lives of real people in various positive ways. Showcase this with your storytelling. These types of content are worth gold because they are genuine and usually touch people on an emotional level. If you can get this right with your content, your content will be shared and that will ultimately increase the reach of your company.

Become part of the community online
It’s one thing to use social media to respond to specific client queries, but you really shouldn’t only do that. Use all of the social media channels you are using and become part of the active communities on them. Engage and participate where you can.

Often you will see a company drop into an active conversation on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but this isn’t real engagement. You are far better off building solid relationships that are worth gold if you talk on a more personal and emotional level on these communities. Always be helpful and offer advice and become part of the active conversations going on. Always present quality content where you can.

As with most content marketing campaigns, the approach you take will be hugely dependent on your business and your target market. With proper planning you can enable your content marketing strategy to make the best use of social media by only focusing on creating engaging magnetic content. The initial investment in this might take time, but it will pay off in the long run.

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