It is time to awaken the force within with Google’s ‘Star Wars’ app makeover

The world is made of the Dark Side and the Light Side, many will argue. They will too argue that you must make a choice and choose a side and face the consequences of your choice. Google has, ahead of the release of the latest Star Wars movie, released Dark Side and Light Side themes that pay tribute to one of the most iconic movie franchises of all times. Google is urging its users to choose between the Light Side and Dark Side. Google says that this is its tribute to Star Wars: Episode VII.

Upon choosing, user’s will get to experience a theme from the side they have chosen.

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The Google apps that are compatible with the Light Side and Dark Side themes include Gmail, Google app, YouTube, Maps, Waze, Google Translate, Calendar, Chrome, Chromecast, Inbox, and Android Wear.

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Users just need to log in and make the important decision that will alter their lives forever.

The brand new Star Wars movie is coming out soon and the excitement has been building up. The trailer was released a few months ago and since then, the film has garnered heated debates. For some it has at once returned them to their childhood.

“We started thinking about what a Google tribute to these epic stories might look like: “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was some sort of Star Wars thingy in Search? The Millennium Falcon in Cardboard would be sweet! What if Google Translate could decipher galactic languages?” wrote Clay Bavor, VP of Product Management, in a blog post.

The themes were designed in collaboration with Google, Lucas Film and Disney.

The company promises that there is more coming, including big changes on the opening night. Google is not saying much but they have revealed that it will have something to do with Virtual Reality.

Furthermore, Google says it has hidden a few easter eggs but does not provide any more details.

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