The IoT Focus: how can SA make the most of the Internet of Things? [Video]

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When it comes to reporting on the Internet of Things, you’ll often see publishers referring to the massive numbers surrounding this vast network of connected sensors embedded in everyday objects.

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They will, for instance, talk about the 5-billion or so connected objects which Gartner estimates are currently in existence. They’ll probably also mention that number is set to grow to 25-billion by 2020 and that Mckinsey estimates that the IoT’s impact could be worth as much as $11.1 trillion a year by 2025.

But what real difference is the Internet of Things making to our lives right now? How is South Africa embracing IoT? And what opportunities are there for the local tech space when it comes to the Internet of Things?

In a bid to answer those questions, Memeburn interviewed Dr Riaan Conradie of revolutionary Stellenbosch-based startup HealthQ and Robyn Farah, founder of technology prototyping and consulting company Kat-O.

The IoT Focus is a series of articles appearing across the Burn Media sites. Brought to you by General Electric, the series explores what impact the Internet of Things is having on business, homes, startups, and other aspects of our everyday lives.

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