5 bite-sized tips for using video in your marketing campaigns

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The art of digital story telling is constantly evolving, and 2016 is the year of the video. It makes the cut in almost every article you read, whether it’s trends to look out for or tips to improve your marketing mix. So what’s the big fuss all about? And how can you incorporate it in to your digital marketing strategy?

The sheer volume of online content means that your story needs to be compelling, carefully crafted and strategically placed to even reach your target audience, let alone encourage them to engage with your brand or purchase your product. A well scripted and produced video is the ultimate story telling vehicle — using sound, movement and real emotion to convey a message in a succinct and meaningful way.

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Ready to give it a go? Keep these tips in mind.

Have a plan

Map out your objectives, timeline and release strategy before the project kicks off. Communicate this information to all the relevant role players — from your team through to the client.

Tip: Always leave sufficient time for last minute changes, rain delays and final edits.

Work with the right videographers

There are dozens of talented creatives out there — so find a freelancer or team with similar values to your agency or brand; take the time to view their past work; and identify what you want to incorporate in to the project. Also have conversations up front about deadlines, budget and the scope of work to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Tip: Ask whether their quote includes gear rental.

Think outside the box

Don’t hold back when coming up with ideas for the script, location, style and feel of the video.

Tip: Don’t be scared to share ideas that might sound crazy, rather start big and scale back once you’ve put all the ideas on the table.

Lights, camera, action

By the time you reach this point you need a clear idea of what, where and why you’re filming. Ensure that this sense of purpose comes through in the video, and that you have a clear call-to-action.

Tip: Appoint someone in your team as a project manager and make sure they take charge of the process.

Release the video

Cover all the bases — from YouTube and Vimeo to social media and your client’s website. Also ensure you have a decent advertising budget so that your video gets maximum exposure and reaches a relevant audience. Pick your title and description wisely — you need to draw people in and pique their interest as soon as they see the video.

Tip: YouTube’s maximum title length is 100 characters, so you need to find the balance between being descriptive and concise.

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