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Simplicity is the key to generating leads on your website


You might have the best looking website, the most innovative product or service and even the best digital marketing strategy, but it won’t generate any leads if the process of obtaining information of interested people is difficult and cumbersome.

The web is a crowded and noisy place and people will most likely visit the next result on Google if you can’t help them instantly. People will only spend a couple of seconds on your website and if they have a difficult time finding what they want or it’s difficult to make a purchase or requesting more information, they will leave. That is a reality.

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In today’s digital connected lifestyle, if you depend on your website to generate business, it’s vital to continually work and improve your website and digital footprint to make sure you are generating a steady stream of leads.

Simplicity is key. Use this basic set of guidelines to improve your lead generation efforts and get more sales.

Stick with simplicity

If your website or lead generating pages are too busy, this will be an instant turnoff for your visitors. Call to action buttons and contact forms must be uncluttered and easy to complete. Use consistent design elements across all the pages on your website and lead capture pages to not confuse your visitors.

Lead capture popup form

When users are on your website and they have browsed a couple of pages or spent a certain amount of time on a page, greeting them with a simple pop up box requesting their email address to sign up for your newsletter or to view related items can be a highly effective lead generation method.

When users are browsing your website, is it easy for them to complete an action?

Overdoing it though can be spammy and chase interested visitors away.

It’s important that if you are going to use this method that you test it thoroughly with your target audience to see what works. Use discounts and promotional codes in your popup and offer people something in return immediately. Also, don’t rely on using pop up boxes as your only way of generating leads. It should only be used to support your other strategies.

Make your contact information always visible

Even though the easiest method to generate sales and leads happens online, many times you will find people that are hesitant to provide their personal information to you on your website. Add your telephone number and address to let people contact you directly and also provide the trust that your business really does exist. It’s all about trust and ensuring your visitors that they will be taken care of with your business.

Use call to actions on every single page

When users are browsing your website, is it easy for them to complete an action? Should they return to previous pages to fill in a form? Make it as easy as possible for your users to request more information, sign up for your services, register for your newsletter or even buy a product or service.

The call to actions on your site should stand out and be visible on every page. Don’t confuse your website visitors. Guide them on what you want them to do.

When asking for user information, make the capture forms easy to complete. Avoid asking for unnecessary fields like name, surname, middle name, mobile number, home number, etc. Simplify your forms by asking only the necessary fields and combine common fields. By making it too difficult to find the answers interested visitors are looking for or to request more information is too difficult, you are losing potential leads. Make your lead generation forms attractive and simple.

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