FNB introduces FNB Pay, fingerprint ID support in app

Jacques Cillers FNB app CEO

FNB has announced version five of its banking app, with several big features in tow.

The first feature is FNB Pay, allowing users to pay for goods/services under R200 by simply tapping their NFC-equipped Android phone against a contactless-enabled point of sale terminal. Purchases of more than R200 will require a PIN code in addition to fingerprint authentication, it seems.

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Unfortunately, iOS owners seem to be out of luck regarding Pay for now. The bank has confirmed having talks with Apple about Apple Pay however, but there’s no ETA on this feature.

“As of today, FNB customers with an NFC enabled Android device can download the latest version of the FNB App and start making purchases at any contactless payment terminal. Once FNB App 5.0 has been downloaded, the customer automatically gets FNB Pay and can link it to any of their FNB cards,” said Raj Makanjee, FNB Premium CEO, in a press statement.

Fingerprint authentication has also finally come to the FNB app, a while after rival Standard Bank introduced it

The second feature sees the bank following Standard Bank’s lead with the introduction of fingerprint authentication on both Android and iOS, allowing users to seamlessly log in to their profile.

Speaking of Android and iOS, the bank also provided some interesting statistics, revealing that 25-30% of all devices using the bank’s app are Apple devices. Android devices accounted for over 50% of devices using the app.

There are more security features too, such as an evolved inContact transaction notification system, now dubbed Smart inContact. This feature will now notify users of changes down to a cent.

“Smart inContact also replaces SMS OTPs [one time pins – ed] as a secure way to approve, reject or report fraud for any Online Banking transactions. Logins from unknown or suspicious devices also trigger a Smart inContact notification for the customer to verify or reject the device,” the bank wrote in the release.

The bank will still offer SMS OTPs for those without version five of the app. For anyone not using the app, or if there are data/connection problems, the system will still SMS an OTP.

“FNB clients who qualify for premier and private banking services will also be able to use Secure Chat to enquire about services or send instructions to their private banking support team, all done through the app after securely logging in.”

Secure Chat will be rolling out to other customer levels, such as Gold and Platinum, in the coming months. The system will ‘evolve’ to accommodate different customer needs.

The bank added that it’s also introducing a smartwatch app for Apple Watch and Android Wear platforms.

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