‘Writing the Daisies’: UCT’s exam tent has become an impromptu meme

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In the midst of student protests, the University of Cape Town (UCT) has confirmed that exams will go ahead as scheduled. But perhaps not in the venues previously decided.

“The university management has had to take the extraordinary step of arranging an examination venue on the upper campus rugby field,” the institution’s registrar wrote in a statement.

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“It is a decision that has not been taken lightly. It was an outcome of an assessment of what arrangements would offer the best chance of conducting and successfully concluding the examination programme in the current circumstances of threats of disruption.”

The venue, pictured in the video above, will host all exams, becoming a temporary home for the ambitions of thousands of students in the coming week.

But the decision has not sat well with the student body.

For the most part, the University of Cape Town’s “festival tent” has become something of a meme on Twitter.

November Hall however isn’t what everyone else is calling it.

And although some are poking fun at UCT’s arrangements, others can’t help but notice the increased security on campus.

One Twitter user likened the university to an “occupied military zone”.

Others were quick to slam the university’s reputation as the best institution in Africa.

As for the venue’s location, some were inspired to don their national colours, sing the national anthem, and bring along a ball.

The university’s examinations will begin in earnest on 15 November and are set to conclude on 30 November.

Feature image: screenshot, “Alternative exam venue offers secure space for students” via University of Cape Town South Africa/YouTube

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