Watch this Arctic murder floof sniff a human for 105 seconds

arctic fox pixabay robynm

The Arctic fox is a cute little critter. Not only does it keep up to speed with seasonal fashion trends, it also has a fascination with humans. This particular bugger, captured by a National Geographic film crew, enjoyed human company for a little longer than most wild animals usually do.

In the clip, uploaded on 2 March, the Arctic fox is seen sniffing the subject’s boots, licking its chops, and likely plotting which murder hole it’ll drag this large camera-wielding morsel into.

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Tell this Arctic fox it isn’t cute. We dare you

But regardless of the fox’s intentions (okay, it’s probably just really friendly and scavenging for scraps of food), the internet adores it. Retweeted by YouTube’s official Twitter account, the video has picked up over 400 000 viewed since it went live.

And some commenters are already packing their bags.

“It’s done, I am going to Arctic,” wrote Stringy Cuber.

For those who aren’t so keen on running into Arctic foxes, or any other meat eater in the snowy wastes of northern planet Earth, enjoy the clip below.

Feature image: robynm via Pixabay (CC0)

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