Dude Perfect nails the festive season shopping experience

dude perfect festive shopping experience

Black Friday is just a few weeks away, and if you haven’t even started shopping your your Christmas gifts, you’re probably too late we wish you all the best. But for those brave few who hit physical stores during this period just to snag a few essential grocery items, Dude Perfect feels your pain.

The bros who are usually nailing impossible trick shots, have nailed the holiday shopping experience in a six minute clip.

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Titled “Grocery Store Stereotypes”, the video highlights practically every kind of shopper and experience you’ve likely had in a store.

From aisle traffic jams, to those who don’t know how the express check out works, to the few who can never find the right spice, and those who fondle literally every tomato before choosing one, this video understands your pain.

Okay, fair warning: it does get a bit extreme about three minutes in, and if you don’t wish to see violence against basketball courts, perhaps give this clip a miss.

But if you don’t mind watching this completely off-topic segue, have a go at it below.

Feature image: screenshot, Dude Perfect

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