Woman rejects new Datsun from boyfriend, Twitter has the last word

Yesterday afternoon “Datsun Go” began to trend on Twitter after news of a woman rejecting the car as a gift from her boyfriend found its way onto social media through a tweet from an apparent witness.

The person behind the tweet, referred to as Audio Cafe, was interviewed by Power 98.7 yesterday evening, where the incident was explained further.

According to the report, the woman rejected the gift because she didn’t like the car.

“I just don’t like the car, I don’t want it even. It’s not even an automatic, it’s not something that I want. I would rather buy my own car. I can afford a better car than this,” she apparently told colleagues.

This morning, the trend is still going strong with over 11 000 tweets from South Africans commenting on the woman’s supposed pride and the quality of the car in question. The Datsun range was recently released in SA. The Go itself retails for around R2000 per month.

Datsun Go drivers also had something to say.

Even Datsun South Africa got in on the trend and saw an opportunity for some impromptu marketing.

Feature image: Datsun South Africa

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