Facebook to implement ‘one-strike’ rule banning users from live streaming

Facebook is implementing a “one-strike” rule that will ban users who violate the platform’s “most serious policies” from using Live for a select number of days.

This comes after the company announced that it was ‘exploring’ ways to regulate live videos after a terrorist attack was streamed on the platform.

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“Today we are tightening the rules that apply specifically to Live,” the company said on Tuesday.

Facebook did not outline which policy violations would result in the immediate ban.

“Our goal is to minimize risk of abuse on Live while enabling people to use Live in a positive way every day,” it noted.

The company further noted that it intends to impose the ban on other features, including the ability to create Facebook ads.

Facebook also revealed that it invested $7.5-million into researching ways to detect “manipulated media across images, video and audio” and ways to differentiate between intentional and accidental re-posts.

Essentially, the company wants to prevent offensive media from being edited and shared on its platform.

Feature image: Facebook 

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