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11 thoughts I had while watching Stranger Things 3

When the third season of Stranger Things hit Netflix last Thursday, the last thing I expected was a hours-long wild ride with my own emotions down a dark and gory path. And yet, that is exactly what I can guarantee will happen if you watch this latest instalment.

To sum it up, here are the 11 thoughts and feelings I had while watching Stranger Things 3 (mild spoilers included).

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1.Why is there so much cringey teenage kissing?

Netflix did not hold back, I contemplated throwing up.

2. Is it just me or is this show ridiculously dramatic?

I mean reality TV level teenage drama.

3. 80s music must never die.

Seriously, the music in this season is amazing.

4. Did that rat just explode?

The rat definitely exploded.

5. The sad origin story of a secondary character is only here to make me care about him before something bad happens, isn’t it?

This plot point felt forced, and I still didn’t sympathise.

6. Erica (Lucas’s little sister) is the comic relief I didn’t know I needed.

The kid’s sassy come-backs are one of the best things about this whole season.

7. Why don’t they just Google ‘Planck’s constant’?

Took me a moment to remember there was no Google in the 80s.

8. Please don’t put your hand in that leg.

He put his hand in the leg.

9. I can’t be the only one feeling awkward about the singing.

Netflix went full Disney for a long, awkward moment.

10. All this talk of the future makes me feel like a main character is going to die.

That’s not how a plot twist is supposed to work.

11. Why did you set me up for this heart break, Netflix?

Episode 8 should be illegal.

Though the show’s ending is somewhat predictable, it still packs an incredibly deep emotional punch. Stranger Things 3 may seem cringey at first, but I’m quite certain you’ll be crying by the time the credits finally roll.

Feature image: screenshot, Netflix via YouTube

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