South Africans respond as Takealot lists a coffin on sale

takealot coffin

Takealot caught the attention of South Africans overnight as users noticed that the e-commerce platform now lists a coffin on sale.

While we’re used to seeing an influx of hygiene products and masks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the listing of a coffin was an unexpected turn for many.

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ShopKing listed the coffin, with the order fulfilled by Takealot. It has a stated list price of R5500, but users can buy it at a discount of R4899. Takealot also provides free delivery.

However, the company specifies that the coffin is a non-returnable item. It’s currently in stock in Takealot’s Cape Town warehouse.

South African Twitter users had a laugh at the listing, finding humour in the situation.

Takealot started trending as a result, with “Takealot coffin” showing up in the search suggestions when typing in the company’s name.

You can see a few of the responses to the listing below:

Towards the end of June, #COVID19isGettingCloser started trending in South Africa as case numbers and deaths climbed.

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