How Fitbit’s new Sleep Profile feature works

fitbit sleep profile examples

Fitbit has launched a new Sleep Profile feature for its Premium subscribers, which provides an analysis of your sleep with different archetypes.

While Fitbit already includes sleep tracking, the new feature provides an analysis of sleep patterns over time.

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Here’s a look at how it works…

What is the Fitbit Sleep Profile?

If you have a premium subscription, the app will perform a longitudinal analysis of your sleep patterns. It then assigns you an archetype or profile, represented by an animal character.

The aim of this profile is to identify long-term habits and trends seen in your sleep tracking history.

Your profile is assigned using 10 metrics from your sleep tracking, and compares these to what’s typical for your age and gender. Metrics include your sleep schedule variability, time before sound sleep, disrupted sleep, sleep duration, restfulness, and REM sleep.

On the first day of each month, the user will see their profile according to the previous month’s aggregate data.

Fitbit notes that there’s no “ideal” animal. Rather, the profile just notes your sleep patterns and areas that can be improved upon according to metrics for the typical person of your age and gender.

A few example profiles include the tortoise, giraffe, the dolphin, and others.

Each profile comes with a description. For example, the dolphin profile is assigned to a person who “falls asleep later than most” and sleeps “for less time overall”.

“Compared to others, you tend to be a lighter sleeper and might take naps to catch up,” the description notes.

Depending on your profile, you will receive suggestions like mindfulness activities to try achieve a quicker time before sound sleep measurement.

Those who subscribe to Fitbit Premium will receive their first sleep profile during the week of 4 July. The profile is compatible with the Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe, and Inspire 2 at the time of launch.

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Feature image: Google/Fitbit

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