Five brands that benefitted from a Cheesecake, Tupperware in a booth

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In 2022 brands should know how to express themselves through online conversation on social media.

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This is imperative if brands want to continue to be top of mind as consumers are constantly bombarded with information.

This allows brands to be humanized by adopting human behavior.

The image of a humanized brand which is constantly part of the conversation increases as it gains its own identity as part of the public.

Brands on their toes, for the Cheesecake

Brands across the country that were on their toes reaped the rewards this week following details of an overnight cheesecake production.

When introduced to search engine optimization (SEO) you learn how to improve the quality of website traffic targeting unpaid traffic and using certain key words to drive that specific traffic.

On the other end of the SEO lesson, when considering how search engines work you quickly realize how this weeks missing Tupperware saga at the corner of Booth and Cheesecake was the perfect prelude to great campaigns.

Here are the industries which quickly went to work and most likely benefitted.


Nandos was first to do that which it’s known for, add spice to an already tangy situation.

With their tagline: Track your mains, sides and desserts, a great catch phrase which quickly received a nod of approval from NetflixSA

Next on the list was, delivery service Zulzi which quickly stated it’s model to deliver until 10PM.

The grocery delivery service coupled together baking ingredients understanding that a cheesecake wave trend had risen.

Chateau Gateaux

Cake people Chateau Gateaux also had their thinking caps on with their copywrite team ready to “make sure everyone gets a slice.”

A 20% off cheesecake special was offered proving how fluid marketing teams have to be to retain consumer attention.


NetFlorist also came in with a perfectly delivered tagline: Send them a slice of deliciousness before it disappears.


Apparently Checkers also joined in on the marketing wave.

From recipes, shopping lists, to SEO optimization, we can all agree that a great scandal with the right copywriting team translates into the perfect buyer traffic.

Being a part of the conversation and responding quickly to the online conversation will continue to shift brands towards their consumers ensuring that they’re first in mind, when the consumer is ready to buy.

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