The AI revolution and the jobs under threat

There’s an incoming shift toward automated jobs and AI (Artificial Intelligence) seems to be the answer.

AI chatbot ChatGPT including a few others have un-earthed fears that artificial intelligence could automate some jobs leaving many out in the cold.

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With AI drafting written content, creating compelling images, and even assisting to formulate lectures, AI tools have already gained attention in marketing while also detecting online trends.

So which jobs are on the hit list?

  • Bloggers, writers, marketers

According to this report from the DailyMailUK, bloggers, writers and those who write copy are most likely to be the first casualties as the AI revolution gains momentum.

ChatGPT is partly free and copywriters, marketers and artists aren’t and business is all about the bottom line and financial sense.

With networks such as Buzzfeed publicly announcing that ChatGPT will be one of their tools for online content, Jasper confirming that thousands of clients have already used the software to create adverts, blogs and even marketing emails, this spells trouble for some creative industries.

  • Copywriters, artists, photographers

Memeburn wrote about film maker Malik Afegbua who raised the bar in art and photography to introduce a senior citizens fashion show online, which didn’t even exist.

Images of the elderly walking on a ramp and strutting off beautiful garments started surfacing on social media last year.

The images were breathtaking with some images of the elderly showing them swimming under water.

The images told a story in vivid detail..

His imagery is impeccable, the attention to detail is astonishing, and this film director says it was all to tell the world about the African story.

He says AI is a tool you can use to create things that were previously unimaginable. Putting the elderly at a place of strength and giving them a voice is what this artist says he is inspired to do in order to tell stories that were otherwise told by someone else.

“AI is a way you can imagine things,” he says.

  • Search engines under threat

A trending topic right now ChatGPT is fast becoming the most downloaded system as over 1 million users have signed up.

You may no longer have to Google answers to problems, ChatGPT gives breakdowns to answers.

Does this mean an end to Google?

The simple answer is no.

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot system that answers questions and has the ability to write essays.

ChatGPT has gone viral since it’s release and has attracted millions from investors.

Known as the latest fad in technology, ChatGPT can generate lectures, and is the perfect example of machine  learning.

Launched in November 2022, the technology was developed by San Francisco based research company Open AI led by Sam Altman and backed by Microsoft, including LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

ChatGPT automatically replies in text format based on prompts given to it.

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