Brand emotional connection, your brand should be doing this to win

The brand has left the conversation only to deliver exceptionally well, that’s the conversation in how branding and the connection to the end users must be personal even at a time of over-saturation.

The meaning and intent must be clear

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The personal touch speaks volumes and noticeably garners the right amount of attention helping brands to not only create positive reinforcement messages but perceptions that remain solidly entrenched in user realities.

That is the marketing any business wants. The conversion from mere perception all the way into how a brand is realistically upholding its core values. .

While marketing, and branding alike have evolved over the years, stories such as the one below where Northface answered criticism by delivering a product to the end user, create lasting impressions. That’s the story people will remember.


Replying to @Timbrodini We were busy express delivering @Jenn her jacket at the top of mountain. Thanks for the help Jossi!

♬ Lisztomania – Instrumental – Phoenix


@thenorthface i’m not mad i’m disappointed …and wet

♬ original sound – Jenn

The emotional connection

An emotional connection to a brand can never be underrated. It is crucial for a brand serious about growing its market share to build brand loyalty and advocacy.

Brands should invest time in understanding their target audience, which involves gathering insight into their values, preferences, and lifestyles.

A deep understanding allows for a more personal approach.

Great storytelling

The story matters more than the massive budget.  Forming emotional connections should focus on stories that align with the brands’ values.  This transparency will help consumers to relate to the brand on a personal level.

Consistent trust servicing

Brands often detach at a consistency level which often translates to low reach in the audience intended.  Consistency in branding, coupled with visuals, the right tone, and the right messaging, is the right combination to bypass resistance in the market.

A genuine relationship 

The emotional connection requires a sense of community around the brand.  This could be in the form of engagements on social media, events, and other forms of engagements where the end user’s relationship with the brand is rekindled.

Consumer expectations and preferences continue to evolve, and brands must adapt and prioritize the end users’ experience.

Creating an emotional connection is not a single effort, but an ongoing commitment to understanding, engaging, and resonating with the target audience. This requires a long-term look into the future of the brand and a clear understanding of the relationship a brand would like to have with its consumers.

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