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Jumping into the content creation space in the form of a podcast sounds like a great idea for any tech website or publication but what would really give a podcast the added edge above the rest?

In this piece, we look at what sets great podcasts apart from the rest and the tools to get you there are simpler than you think.

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So what really makes an interesting podcast?

First on the list would be the hosting platform.  A great podcast has a reliable podcast hosting platform to store and distribute all episodes.  Anchor, Spotify, and other podcast platforms include in-service metrics such as analytics and scalability options to assist the content creator’s growth.

Next would be the added marketing tools to complement the podcast.

Choosing to run a podcast requires dedication, unwavering consistency, and the right marketing tools including promotional tools such as social media which are more likely to shift your podcast from average all the way to a must-watch.

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the like promote or offer options to promote podcast episodes which come in handy.  Using Canva to design podcast artwork is important but distributing that artwork to the right audience sets you apart from the rest.

Knowing who your audience is is crucial for any podcast creator, host, or production team.

Microphone and Sound

The sound and microphone are probably thee most important aspects of a successful podcast and probably come at a higher price range when creators want better quality.

Good quality microphones ensure clear crisp audio, while quality headphones catch small issues during recording.  Different brands deliver different results.  Adequate research should point you to the right brand for quality sound delivered to compliment your podcast.

Editing software

Editing software is crucial if you want to make a mark in the podcasting landscape.  Popular choices include Adobe, and Audacity among other options but choosing the right editing software makes a difference.

There are other tools such as a pop filter which reduces explosive sounds like the letter “p” when speaking into a microphone.

Other additions that could make a substantial impact in moving your podcast rankings could be looking at transcription services which would more likely open your podcast to an even larger audience who don’t speak your language.  Transcription services allow your podcast content to be more accessible.

The aim is to grow an audience and consistency appears to be the recipy most podcasters rely on.

Always remember that podcasting requires consistency and a mixture of topicality, timing, content, aesthetics, and overall engaging content to rise in podcast rankings.

The podcast anker could also be a benefit which most recent podcasting platforms use.  The recent introduction of Trevor Noah’s What Now, podcast is a compelling example of how the addition of a prominent host, mixed with the right first guest could move the podcast to the number one spot.

Podcasting remains a creative battlefield and while relevance plays a significant role, the overall packaging and consistency could ensure that the podcast is not only a fad, but a winning recipe used as an example of how to keep a podcast relevant.

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