Huawei invests in youth with internship program for future tech leaders

Huawei & DOEL celebrate Youth Month with a career development workshop

In celebration of Youth Month, Huawei and the Department of Labour and Employment (DOEL) joined forces to empower young South Africans through a career development workshop. This workshop is a vital part of their ongoing 12-month partnership program, now in its second year.

Equipping young minds with ICT skills

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The program targets graduates and matriculants seeking employment. Sourced from the DOEL’s database, these young individuals receive intensive on-the-job training in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Each intern is paired with a dedicated mentor who guides them towards skill development and potential future employment within Huawei’s ecosystem.

“This partnership is a win-win,” says Christina Naidoo, COO of Huawei SA.

“It addresses the critical need for skilled ICT professionals in South Africa, a sector where many talented engineers work in developed markets. By investing in internship programs like this, we’re actively cultivating a strong local talent pool.”

Youth unemployment: A pressing challenge

South Africa faces a stark reality: a staggering 45% unemployment rate among youth aged 15-34.

This highlights the urgent need for continued efforts to bridge this gap. Research shows that internships and workplace exposure significantly boost young people’s job readiness.

Interns gain practical experience, giving them a four-fold advantage in securing employment compared to those lacking such exposure.

Huawei leaders share insights and inspiration

Kemogotsitse Bosielo, Huawei’s Public Relations Manager for Government Affairs, kicked off the event. “Be proud of your achievements that brought you here,” he motivated the interns.

“Our goal today is to equip you with valuable skills and knowledge from Huawei leaders and past interns, empowering you to take your careers to the next level.”

Solomon Hlomane, Technical Director at Huawei South Africa and Huawei ambassador

Solomon Hlomane, Technical Director at Huawei South Africa and a Huawei Ambassador, shared his inspiring journey.

Starting at the company in 2011 as an IT engineer, he emphasized the importance of continuous learning.

“Working at Huawei is a constant journey of upskilling and development,” he said. Hlomane, who has worked on over 25 projects during his 13 years with the company, has also pursued a Master’s in Business Administration and is currently working towards another Master’s in Information Security and Digital Forensics.

“Through hard work and effective time management, you too can leverage Huawei’s educational opportunities to advance your career,” he added.

Hlomane’s insightful and interactive seminar delved into the core pillars of building a successful career.

He emphasized the importance of fostering strong professional relationships, honing communication skills, mastering problem-solving techniques, and actively building networks. His session provided interns with practical takeaways to excel in their future endeavors.

Huawei leaders offer real-world experience

Another Huawei Ambassador, Marcel Meyer, Director of Service Delivery at Huawei Cloud, addressed the interns.

Marcel Meyer who is the Director of service delivery at Huawei Cloud and Huawei ambassador

Highlighting the value interns bring to the company, he proudly mentioned several former interns who are now thriving as full-time employees, some even working internationally in countries like Angola and Nigeria.

“There are endless opportunities for those who are dedicated and apply themselves every day,” he said.

Meyer also shared a valuable career tip: “While you may not always get what you wish for, you can certainly achieve what you work for.”

The event also featured a Q&A session led by Bosielo, where interns openly discussed various workplace challenges with senior Huawei leaders.

Meyer and Hlomane offered valuable advice on navigating customer relations, resolving miscommunication, and persevering to achieve success.

Beyond the DOEL partnership: A commitment to youth development

This workshop is just one facet of Huawei’s broader commitment to cultivating ICT talent.

The company has established a robust talent development ecosystem that encompasses 15 initiatives, including the Huawei ICT Academy, the Huawei Graduate program, and Bursary programs.

These initiatives demonstrate Huawei’s dedication to nurturing and empowering future ICT leaders, actively working to change the narrative on youth unemployment in South Africa.

Success Stories: Alumni share their experiences

Two former Huawei interns, Theo Mashego and Alston Govender, also attended the event to inspire the current cohort. Mashego, now a Product Technology Engineer at Huawei, credits his internship with equipping him with essential project management and networking skills that he still utilizes today.

Following in Hlomane’s footsteps, Mashego is pursuing his Master’s degree in Computer Science, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning.

Govender, another program success story, is now a Datacom Engineer at Huawei.

He offered these parting words to the interns: “As you embark on this journey with a company shaping the future, remember that growth and adaptability are key.

Learning is a lifelong process, and every moment spent improving yourself is the best investment you can make.”

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