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All posts by Ryan Gordon

  • Review: The Blackberry Bold 9700 is all it’s cracked up to be

    Hello, my name is Ryan and I have a problem. I have been struggling with this addiction for almost 2 weeks now and I can’t seem to shake it. The Blackberry Bold 9700 has taken over my life. It has seduced me into the BB universe and has quite literally hijacked my social circle. All who use it, swear by its convenience and ease of use, and I agree completely. The Blackberry is inching ever closer to that elusive smartphone crown in South Africa. With more than three Blackberries sold for every iPhone, it seems as though the momentum...

  • Vuvuzela frenzy: Now embedded in YouTube. Sigh.

    YouTube is the latest to join the world-wide frenzy over the vuvuzela. The South Africa instrument's distinctive drone can now be heard by any curious football World Cup fanatics when they click a newly-placed football-shaped button, found in the bottom right corner of all YouTube video frames. Upon clicking the obscurely placed button, a loud blast from a vuvuzela hits unsuspecting viewers like a 90th minute winner for Team USA. YouTube were so proud of their addition that they tweeted it to the world with, “Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #vuvuzela” - @Youtube Google early this month also incorporated a vuvuzela into Street View. That...