Flexible smartphone mount GEKKOPOD funded in 12 hours on Kickstarter

It’s always difficult finding a decent mount for your camera or smartphone. Most of the packed-in ones aren’t worth the plastic they’re made from while others fall over on any surface. Zuckerim Studio thinks they have the answer with GEKKOPOD.

GEKKOPOD has been designed as a flexible and easy-to-use stand. It’s five limbs are modeled after a lizard’s hand in order to give maximum grip and stability. Due to its flexible design, the GEKKOPOD can wrap around almost any surface, such as a stick or wire fencing — perfect for those sheep selfies on the farm.

Included with the device is an adaptable mount for phones, GoPro mount, and standard screw for cameras. these included features allow the GEKKOPOD to hold almost any phone or camera.

What makes GEKKOPOD interesting is the speed at which it was funded. On their Kickstarter page,  Zuckerim Studio had been asking for $15 001 to reach their goal. It was men within a mere twelve hours and the project still has 41 days to go. Since taking a look at the website this morning, a further $900 has been pledged.

A previous Zuckerim Studio Kickstarter project, STICKO, managed to raise $51 126 with 2518 backers. The company has teased at a future project, ZRRO, which is an Android console capable to detecting your fingers in mid-air.



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