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Huawei Mate 20 Pro overheats, prompts evacuation of British comedian’s show

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If you thought Huawei’s bad month for PR couldn’t get any worse, it did this weekend.

A performance by British comedian Jason Mansford had an extended interlude courtesy of an overheating smartphone. The Lyric Theatre in Salford near Manchester was evacuated in response, reports the BBC, while the fire brigade was called in to access the situation.

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The offending device? A Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Notably, it’s the first time we’ve heard of this particular device overheating to this extent.

A number of cases this year of other smartphones have also been reported, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I’m also sure we all remember the Galaxy Note 7, which has largely increased the severity of coverage for mobile phone fires.

According to Mansford, it seemed to be a minor incident, and his show was restarted after 20 minutes.

Oh and yes, he grabbed the opportunity to make the “I’m on fire” joke too, in case you’re wondering.

Feature image: Andy Walker/Memeburn

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