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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip will feature an ultra thin foldable glass screen

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The Galaxy S20 isn’t the only device family set to launch next month. Samsung’s readying its second generation foldable phone to join the Galaxy Fold.

Dubbed the Galaxy Z Flip, more of the phone’s specifications were revealed by XDA’s Max Weinbach on Tuesday.

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According to Weinbach, the foldable will feature 3300mAh battery capacity.

That’s smaller than the Galaxy Fold’s 4310mAh but substantially larger than the vertically-folding Motorola RAZR’s 2500mAh power brick — the phone it’s really competing against.

Speaking of which, while the RAZR sports a modest Snapdragon 710 chipset, the Galaxy Z Flip will reportedly arrive with a Snapdragon 855, early 2019’s flagship chipset.

It’s also clear that Samsung’s learnt from its troubled Galaxy Fold display.

Instead of a layer of plastic, the Z Flip’s display will feature a thin layer of glass — dubbed Ultra Thin Glass — beneath it. It’ll lend both durability and rigidity to the phone’s screen.

Expect Samsung to unveil its new foldable smartphone next month, possibly alongside the S20 family.

Feature image: the Samsung Galaxy Fold, by Samsung

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