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Nokia reminds us of the iconic Nokia 3310, here’s what you missed

The iconic Nokia 3310 has made a return, rounded, still packed with a longer-lasting battery and ready to show off that snake game users used to adore.

Nokia is reintroducing the Nokia 3310, with slight retouches but the same custom-designed user interface and polarized curved screen window which is structured to make readability better.

“Remember when you could leave the house without a charger? Well, with the new Nokia 3310, you can,” according to Nokia which brings back the legendary snake game, this time in full colour.

The 3310 comes in four colors, warm red, yellow in a gloss finish, dark blue and grey in a matt finish.

The once known to be an indestructible handset makes a return to a market that has evolved, despite the apparent nostalgia of being comfortable with a phone dropping without the heart going into cardiac arrest.

The early 90s legendary phone, unveiled in Barcelona, is produced by a mobile firm named HMD Global which acquired the brand last year.

The phone doesn’t have 3G, and is most likely a fun project for Nokia this year.

Some added features include a bigger screen, different colours and no old version removable back cover.

It’s reported to be half as thick as its predecessor which makes sense considering technological shifts in production costs over the decades.

Users have the ability to talk for longer hours with 10 times the talk time translated to around 22 hours.

The charger has changed too, as the new introduction charges using the micro USB.

If you thought the device would still accommodate the old Nokia pin charger, then sadly you belong in the 90s.

A headphone slot is available at the bottom of the phone which may purely be a calculated marketing exercise.

The phone does come with a micro SD slot, which makes us wonder what you will need backed up considering there’s very little you could do with the retro back to the future device, intended to be a backup device for most users.

The original Nokia 3310 was discontinued on 1 September 2000 only to be relaunched later to become one of the most successful phones sold worldwide.

The older version gained popularity due its unmatched durability, and 2.4″ colour display.

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