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Watch: How to use Meta’s Quest Pro headsets in a moving car

In partnership with BMW Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed Quest Pro users can now use the virtual reality headsets in a moving car.

The headsets use inertial measurement units and cameras, to figure out exact positions in order to make user head movements more convincing.

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The partnership between BMW and Meta allows users to gain access to VR systems to anchor them in fast-moving cars.

“We’re looking forward to building more experiences like this”, says Zuckerberg.

The update from Meta comes after the tech company was flooded with questions about using the Quest Pro headsets while in motion.

Zuckerberg confirmed that the idea was not possible at first but the firm has made it possible alongside a few extra features.

BMW and Meta have teamed up to get the Quest Pro’s tracking working in a moving vehicle.

The virtual world or virtual objects will drift through the cabin as the car turns.  This means some of the content won’t be stable.

This is due to the interrupted inertial measurement units and camera’s attempting to find your position.

The headsets sense movement even though the inside of the car is stationary.

The partnership has been in the pipeline since 2021, with BMW exploring the possibility of AR in cars.

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