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Why a smart TV? Here are five simple reasons

Convenience comes at a price, and the ability to enjoy content beyond regular TV channels, with video-on-demand services at the push of a button, we think that’s a price many will dig deeper into their pockets for.

Straight to it.

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With some help from TCL, we’ve compiled worthy reasons why we think a shift for an intelligently smart TV deserves a yes and the incredible things you could use your TV for.

TCL understands the importance of keeping ahead of the curve, and incorporating Google TV into their devices shows the importance of providing a product that meets consumer needs at the right level.

Google TV, allows users to reach online video content from various sources all from the comfort of their own home.

Here’s what you could do on a Google TV.

The gaming station

Turn TV into a gaming console.  Smart TVs allow users to turn their cherished devices into immersive and seamless cross-platform gameplay.

Parental control

Smart Google TVs – available from TCL – allow doting parents to safeguard their children from content that may be explicit or too violent.

Google TV’s new Kids profile function allows parents the ability to monitor what content their kids consume and for how long.

By simply creating a kids’ profile on the existing Google account, parents can either lock or unlock certain apps, manage which apps are accessible to kids, and share already purchased movies and TV shows through Google Play family library.

Manage screen time

With the addition of the Screen Time Management feature, parents can control the total time kids spend watching TV and set a bedtime to ensure children make it to bed on time.  How’s that for convenience?

Sync devices

Connect and gain access to an ecosystem of devices.

Smart TV’s with Google TV allow users to sign in to their Google accounts which in turn sync all information onto the connected devices.  Whether it’s phones and a smart TV or devices such as a tablet, users can connect their devices through Bluetooth and gain access to an array of options.

This allows users to gain access to a world of entertainment possibilities.

Get a personal assistant

Access to AI intelligent features such as a Google TV built-in voice search feature called “OK Google,” available on TCL’s P635 TV and other Google TVs, users gain an extra helping hand with a feature that is simple to use and provides access to voice commands to switch your TV on an off.

Users can also use the feature to change channels and even adjust the volume

Streaming convenience

Quick access to streaming services.

Access to Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Netflix, Disney, and YouTube make a smart TV a worthwhile convenience and a must-have in today’s fast-paced content-driven era.

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