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Sneak peek: Here’s what Honors new device looks like

Newly popular device brand Honor will today launch one of their compelling smart devices at the Intercontinental Dubai Hotel in the middle east.

Hot on the lips of many tech heads is one question.  Is the said device making its way to South Africa and how much will it cost?

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Honor will be launching one of their lightest and battery-ready devices.  We say battery ready due to the fact that the incoming device boasts a whooping 5 000mAh of battery power.

We have the device in our clutches and can tell how light this incoming competitor is compared to its competitors.

The device comes with a cute claim from Honor that it will change photography and videography forever.  That’s arguable considering the brand only went on its own course not so long ago, following its split with Huawei.

We’re currently running a series of tests and this is what we found.

Motion picture prowess.

Honor’s latest device does come with the power of AI meaning it does at times compensate in images to ensure you get crisp imagery.


Testing out the device’s zoom capabilities we noticed images often came out saturated. This is a common device image challenge for many device manufacturers where a device taking an image at a distance results in AI largely compensating, meaning a noticeable difference in skin tones.

What we liked

It’s great to hold, light, and ready to impress on a budget.

It’s slightly better than its predecessors on looks and price side according to our sources.

It will be making its way to South Africa right after its middle eastern launch, unlike many of its predecessors.

The device comes 5G ready.

What we didn’t like

The two very large camera lenses on the rear series of cameras are without a protective guard.

Devices nowadays come with great cameras which often cause a massive side bulge on the device when put flat on the table. With this device like many others, it’s easier and safer to place the device face down to avoid those unwanted scratches, especially on a 200MP camera.

Device design is nothing new.  If it’s not broken don’t fix it. That’s the approach of some brands which opt to focus more on the engine and software prowess rather than aesthetics.

Compared to its predecessor, this incoming device set to be launched on Tuesday night – in the middle east – brings no new design but only a simple retouch of its camera bezel.

The device seems South African market ready.  It’s cute and comes with a competitive processor, not to mention camera and video know-how.

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