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WhatsApp edit message feature now available in SA, the hidden truth

WhatsApp offers secure message protection. Image sourced from

WhatsApp introduced the edit message feature around June, a feature which would now allow users to not have to delete their entire message when there are errors.

The feature is now in the country and fixing a typo or correcting information is as easy as long pressing a message, and an edit menu will appear.

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The feature is now available for most users, with the updated version of the messaging app.

The catch

The WhatsApp edit feature brings an interesting option to fix errors but with every light must come shadows.

Feature allows users to correct mistakes but it does create a loss of trust as frequent use of the edit or delete feature may lead to it being seen as an attempt to manipulate or hide information.

The trouble started

There’s a time limit and messages can only be edited for a limited time only. When messages are deleted WhatsApp notifies the receiver that a message has been deleted which most likely arouses curiosity and questions about the deleted content.

There is a misuse element, which falls in line with the notion that wherever there is light there must be darkness.  The feature may have some users misusing it by sending self-destructing messages and making it difficult to maintain a record of conversations.

The risks and benefits

The feature comes with some risks and looking at the entire feature, WhatsApp stepped into the desired future by bringing it to the fore.

Although we thought they were a little late, the feature brings with it a feature that can help users avoid embarrassment or regret if something inappropriate was sent unintentionally.

Chat threads are clearer since deleting messages has become slightly unnecessary. There is an element of privacy as sensitive information can be quickly edited in texts before a recipient is aware.

The overall benefit is the reality of complete control over sent content. The ability to take action when there is an issue with the sent message is a major bonus for users on all platforms in 2023.

The feature is out and can be used.  Have you started editing sent messages yet?

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