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How we moved to The Matrix, Terminator level, AGI and the Q* star Ai race

The race to a certain level of AI development is on and Q* – pronounced Q star – is likely to be the point of no return.

OpenAi is rumored to have reached a new level of intelligence with some reports pointing to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) as the secret that may have impacted former OpenAi CEO Sam Altman’s impromptu leave.

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Q* level and what’s not being said

There’s a line that most likely will be crossed as AI develops at an unprecedented pace. That line is developing software that most likely will have the capacity to outperform humans in any economically valuable work.

That’s the danger that most responsible developers argue against or seek a better understanding on, especially when considering long term.

AGI and the risks

AGI will likely be software that possibly evolves like or at a faster pace than humans do.  AGI abilities will not be limited to one specialized field as in the case of specialized language models. Specialized language models likely focus on a specific task.

When it comes to AGI on the other hand think of cognitive abilities and software that can learn and improve its capabilities over time just as a teen or child would.

The only difference will be the pace at which AGI can develop past expectations and into the unknown.

Research indicates that AGI needs better understanding

Former OpenAi CEO once argued that AGI had the potential to give everyone incredible new capabilities which meant a world where everyone would gain access to assistance with cognitive tasks, and a new step into human ingenuity and creativity.

“If AGI is successfully created, this technology could help us elevate humanity by increasing abundance, turbocharging the global economy, and aiding in the discovery of new scientific knowledge that changes the limits of possibility,” Altman wrote.

The Q signal

With the advent of Q* OpenAi may be a step closer to the reality of AGI which most likely will be able to perform entry-level mathematical equations.

The looming threat

It’s the impact that may pose a threat to humanity as AGI raises concerns around AI limits, capabilities, and its consequences.

There may be minimal impact or we may likely see the dawn of AI that cannot be stopped, and the movie Terminator, including The Matrix, may just become a possible reality that most will likely dread.

Marcus Gopolang Moloko, Web Content and Digital Editor

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