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LG introduces smart monitors with Web OS Hub 2.0S

In a tasteful product expansion, LG Electronics introduces the latest WebOS Hub 2.0s.

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These were introduced for TVs earlier in September but LG now adds the term smart monitors to their wide range of devices, a strategic move in response to the growing smart TV market.

Understanding the increasing number of single-person households, LG says the rise in single-person households has translated to a demand for smart monitors.

The smaller screens are becoming popular among consumers who prefer a more personalized viewing experience.

What’s the benefit?

So the webOS Hub 2.0s is known for practicality, and convenience as it is an appealing choice for both smart TVs and monitors.

Available on smart monitors, LG says it’s meeting consumers at a seamless and user-friendly interface for today’s users to gain access to a wider range of entertainment options.

The webOS Hub 2.0S comes with:

  • · Greater hardware adaptability.
  • · More options for third-party brands to offer a customizable user experience.
  • · Inclusion of the card app home Hub & Music on the main home UI screen, allowing users to access a variety of services with just one click of the remote.

The latest webOS Hub 2.0S for third-party apps is expected to cater to smart monitors.

The benefit

The benefits of the latest webOS Hub 2.0 are better hardware adaptability and the ability to provide more options for third-party brands in an effort to deliver a user-customizable experience.

Hybrid function

With the smart home ecosystem dashboard, users have the ability to customize control capabilities with supportive device status monitoring for TVs and IoT-based devices.

Users can easily gain access to music from popular apps such as Spotify or music stored in USB drives via the Card App Music feature.

There are also remote PC functions that allow ease of transition to office PCs or laptops. The feature also allows convenient video calling and conferencing which caters to students and working professionals.

The WebOS 2.0S also allows access to streaming services like Netflix, and YouTube while also being compatible with Apple Home and AirPlay services to allow smooth functioning between Apple devices.

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