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Four gadgets to have in 2024, that make life a little easier

Smart watch: Image created by Marcus Moloko tech specialist

As Wi-Fi 7 trickles in and the world readies for 6G in a few years, we look at what could make your life a little easier this year.

From smart watches all the way to home appliances that could do almost everything for you, we look into what latest tech could make you the coolest kid on the block, not to mention make your life a little more convenient.

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First on the list is a smartwatch.

We saw them land in the market and now smart watches continue to evolve bringing forward intelligent features such as health monitoring, in the form of blood oxygen level, fitness tracking and overall mental health records, and we find this particular gadget makes sense in today’s market.

Not only can you use the smartwatch for health benefits but it has helped us find our devices a lot easier without turning the house upside down looking for our cellphones.

Smart glasses

Imagine navigating streets and being able to translate languages simply through voice commands and visual displays.

Smart glasses, integrate seamlessly with your smartphone to allow users access into a limitless world of access and interaction overlays, all on your field of vision.

Check notifications while wearing your glasses or follow directions easily without asking for directions, smart glasses make sense and we think these are a must-have in 2024.

Not only do they provide convenience but image notifications all pop up a the top right of your eyesight eliminating the need to check your phone every now and then.

Smart speaker

Everyone deserves an easier life, and the arrival of smart speakers coupled with smart home integration allows users to turn their home into a voice-activated space filled with convenience.

Control lights around your house,, the thermostat, appliances and even play music while you’re away, the list is endless.

A smart home ecosystem led by a smart speaker offers hands-free convenience and adds a touch of innovative magic all at your fingertips, or in this case – all at the sound of your voice.

A wireless charging pod

These days chargers come in different variations and having just one station to charge a multitude of devices could come in as and added advantage.

Looking at advanced wireless charging pods that support multiple devices simultaneously while employing fast charging technology can make any users life a little convenient.

The pods could also act as a reserve bank for those days in South Africa when power decides to go on holiday.

This tech is intended to enhance convenience, efficiency an overall well-being.

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