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WhatsApp preparing for third-party chats, what it means for you

Social media messaging app WhatsApp is preparing to accommodate other messaging apps on the platform.

While the move is likely going to be welcomed by many including spammers, the shift could be linked to a European Commission ruling for a level playing field for all digital companies, regardless of their size.

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What does this mean for the users?

WhatsApp may accommodate other apps such as Google, or Telegram in order for them to be able to share texts and content through a third-party layer.

The option for third parties will likely depend on WhatsApp providing interoperability on the platform.

Privacy and security 

Privacy and security are the main concerns coming from the green phone headset platform as it figures out how to include other kids without compromising on security.

The first agreement will be interoperability as the commission’s rule is for digital firms to play fair, and for gatekeepers to open their services to other apps.

This will likely mean users will have to provide consent to third-party access, even if it’s on WhatsApp.

Since users are likely going to agree to terms, we will see Meta introduce support for other chat apps like Messenger.

The first phase will likely be sending text, video, and images including files across apps. The second phase should come right after through updates.

What does it mean?

It means digital companies that want to be part of Meta’s WhatsApp team will have to sign an agreement and possibly qualify on certain criteria.

Interoperability will allow WhatsApp users to exchange messages, and content with people on other messaging platforms. That’s what we see happening going forward.

This could open room for privacy and security issues which WhatsApp plainly will probably agree to not take any responsibility for, with the user likely to carry the responsibility of consent.

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