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Lenovo to unveil two new concepts that change the AI device pace

Set to showcase its prowess at MWC in Barcelona, Lenovo will unveil its latest lineup of AI devices, and showcase two new device concepts that challenge the traditional PC and smartphone form factors.

Lenovo launched its first AI PC lineup at CES earlier this year, bringing the tech into its ThinkBook, ThinkPad, Yoga, Legion, and ThinkCentre portfolio.

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It’s pretty clear to carve out Lenovo’s vision which looks convincingly into AI.

At the MWC, an arena that’s debatably listed as the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event, Lenovo will introduce some interesting  AI PCs including edge computing solutions.

We expect some hybrid AI to fuel the demand for both AI PCs and AI smartphones.

So Lenovo expects the trend of hybrid AI to fuel the demand for both AI PCs and AI smartphones which may likely introduce another industry cycle going into 2024 and 2025.

Lenovo says the AI PCs are designed and engineered to perform tasks such as reasoning, problem-solving, and learning. These will likely create a user-machine bond to bring tailored experiences amplified AI.

This sounds promising. With larger storage and stronger computing power, large language models can easily run on the device rather than in a cloud.

This means overtime the models will adapt to the user preferences and habits which will enhance their assistance, translating into a more personalized experience.

Lenovo brings next-generation infrastructure solutions for telecom that will aid businesses in harnessing massive amounts of data – while incorporating AI applications – to reduce energy consumption of cloud services.

Lenovo’s edge AI computing solutions promise to forge new AI capabilities across city streets throughout Barcelona and Madrid, in the form of video analytics and computer vision to identify smoke and fire.

Last year, Lenovo introduced its hybrid AI for all vision which solidly indicates how the firm will unleash the power of AI to drive intelligent transformation in every aspect of people’s lives in every industry and its commitment to investing $1 billion in AI innovation.

At MWC Lenovo will showcase Motorola’s adaptive display concept, a product that uses FHD+ OLED display that can be bent and shaped into different forms depending on user preferences.

Another expected gem will be an eye-catching innovative laptop form factor that pushes the boundaries of engineering, design, and user experience.

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